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The Gift of Sympathy

Posted: 10 June 2016

Someone who lost their own loved one experience a grief that’s hard to get over with. We might have gone through the same thing, but we don’t know the extent of what they’re feeling. Definitely, we feel that we have to do something for them, sympathize with them and show them that they are not alone.

Consoling them could be hard, but you can lighten the load by letting them feel our presence or sending a sympathy gift. A sympathy gift should be something that shows consideration for how they feel. It should promote healing and bring comfort to the person you want to console. So, the big question now is what can you give?

It really is hard to figure out what to give someone who’s grieving. You don’t know if will give them energy or would just make them a lot sadder. After all, this gift is for someone struggling with a loss. What do you know about the person they lost? What do they need most? What would you have wanted to receive if you were in their place?

If you are gifting someone who lost a child, you can give them a little bear to show that you remember their little angel. If you know that the person is struggling with the stress and sadness, a pampering hamper can be a good gift to show them you care about them. The gift you send would depend on how much you know the person.

A little plushy, sweets, or a fruit basket are some of the other ideas. But whatever you send, include a message that tells the person something to make them better. At the end of the day, no matter how small or big your gift is, you’re giving it to show them that you care.

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