How To Keep Your Employees Happy

Posted: 3 June 2016

No matter what products or services you offer, your company ultimately won’t move forward without people. Managers, CEOs, and company owners know how valuable their teams are in helping the company succeed. Your relationship with your team, and how you treat them may mean the difference between success and failure.

Here are three simple tips you can do to ensure that you’re keeping your best people happy.

1. Talk to your people

Being a manager can mean being out of the office for meetings most of the time, but make sure you still make time to interact with your team. Try to have a conversation with them from time to time. Emails and conference calls might not be enough. You would want to make each of your employees feel like they’re part of the team.

If you’re working with a small team, it helps to talk to them, ask them how they are, or how they feel working with your company. For bigger teams, this can be a challenge. But a simple gesture of knowing their names would mean a lot to an employee.

Make your people feel like they can talk to you, but don’t forget that you’re still the boss. Be open to their questions and listen to suggestions, but you still need to exercise your authority. When praising or reprimanding, remember to be fair and consistent.

2. Let your employees leave their comfort zones

Give your people room to grow. An employee may be excellent at what they’re doing, but don’t keep them right where they are. Offer career growth opportunities, and challenge them to do something they’re not used to doing.

It sounds risky to let them try other responsibilities, but it beats having your people get bored or burned out at what they’re doing. A new task raises their level of engagement and makes them feel important to the company. Rather than keeping them where they’re most effective, let them grow and explore their potential.

3. Recognise and Reward

Motivate your employees by giving them a gift when they completed a big task. This little act gives them a boost of confidence, letting them feel pride in their work. A token of appreciation from the management says you recognise their hard work and value their contribution to your company.

It doesn’t always need to be as grand as a thousand bucks, it can be a small basket of wine or gourmet goodies. Think of a reward that your employee can use so it entices the rest of your team stay energized and motivated.

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